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How To Keep Your Car’s Heart Beating

Follow our simple tips for keeping your car on the road.

As we evolve from cars running on fuel to cars running on solar power and battery packs, one constant remains at the heart of every vehicle on the road – the battery. No car can function without the battery giving it the oomph of life. Maintaining your battery is priority in keeping your car healthy and the wheels rolling.

Maintaining one’s car battery is not a lengthy or intricate process and we have a few tricks to help your battery’s lifespan last longer. As most batteries only last between 2 – 3 years looking after your car’s heartbeat can help it stretch even further.

The first and most important piece of maintenance you need to look at when checking the battery are the cell water levels, if you need to purchase a new battery try buying a battery which does have cells and so they won’t need topping up. Once a battery runs dry it can be disastrous and costly. Keep the cells filled up to just below the refill hole line, ONLY use distilled water and remember to not over fill as this can cause damage. Once filled replaced the cap of the refill hole and secure tightly, this process should be followed at least every 2 – 3 months to ensure your battery stays hydrated and doesn’t leak.

Every 6 – 8 months clean the battery terminals with a mixture of baking soda and distilled water. Remove the connectors gently before you start cleaning, dip a wire brush into your mixture and gently scrub the terminals to remove any dried acid build-up and to give a shiny look. When they are shining enough to your liking wipe down and replace the connectors and secure using a mallet.

Another great tip is covering set areas of your battery with grease made for high temperatures, this will assist in preventing rust and corrosion. Taking your car for a service is a great time to get your battery’s voltage and if you are between services bring your battery to your nearest AutoZone and we will test it free of charge.

Keeping your battery healthy and happy will help in your mission to keep your car in its best running condition and a you know what they say, a happy car is a reliable car.