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How to Restore a Classic Car

An introduction to resurrecting Vintage Cars

Nearly every car enthusiast has had this dream; restoring and bringing to life a classic car. Call it what you want – nostalgia, fascination, obsession – it’s a rewarding activity, if done right. Today we’re discussing factors to consider when taking on such a project.

The first step in this process is choosing the correct car for your needs. This includes not only cars that you like, but cars that will hold their value and justify the amount you’ll be spending on restoration. Do your research to find the perfect car that you will enjoy bringing back to life.

The car you decide on may very often be damaged by rust. This is part of the deal when restoring classics. If you buy a rust bucket, be prepared to spend a lot of time stripping, sanding and even cutting off sections that have been badly damaged. If this doesn’t put you off – great! If it does, then you will be better off choosing a car that is still in a relatively good condition. It all depends how much work you’re willing to do.

By choosing a car that already starts and runs, you will cut a lot of time, effort and expense out of the process. If the car you want to restore has been sitting for decades, you will most likely need to rebuild the engine from scratch. If you can avoid this, do.

Some cars can be very expensive to restore due to the scarcity of the car and the parts needed. If this doesn’t deter you, then a scarce car might be perfect for you. Generally, if you want to stay within a healthy, realistic budget, pick a car with parts that aren’t that hard to come by. Consider more well-known manufacturers for your best chance.

Restoring cars is meant to be fun, but in the end you want to do it as fast and affordably as possible to get it on the road and enjoy the fruits of your labour. At AutoZone, we stock a wide variety of parts and accessories. Make us your first port of call when looking for advice or supplies.