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Dangers of Flooding for Drivers and Pedestrians

How to tackle heavy rains and floods

The greatest concern that comes with heavy rains is the tendency of places to flood and create hazards for motorists.

A car can aquaplane during times of braking in heavy waters. If one’s tyres are worn thin, the lack of grip will make the occurrence of this even worse. Inexperienced drivers need to be especially wary of aquaplaning, as it is very difficult to control one’s car when this occurs.

Secondly, huge rushes of water can break and cause many foreign objects to float. In murky water this can cause great amounts of damage to your vehicle. These foreign objects can also block up waterways and cause rapids to form, which are potentially hazardous to vehicles. In rainy weather or in flooded areas, it’s best to avoid areas full of obstacles or where rapids or currents have formed.

The power of moving water is often underestimated. Rushing water can wash away roads or even cause walls to collapse. When in doubt about whether the road is still intact or not, rather choose a different route. Bridges are very dangerous to access when flooding occurs. If water has streamed over and bridge, rising up to its height, it’s likely that it could have washed some of the bridge away. When you can’t see under a bridge, or the top it of it, it’s best to refrain from using it.

Muddy water is also a hazard to road users. Murky water can limit road visibility, meaning you cannot see the condition of the road beneath. In times of high flooding muddy water can be one of the most dangerous conditions on the road to drive through.

Needless to say driving at night through flooded conditions is also to be avoided, the road visibility and drivability is bad enough during the day, but then when you take day light out of the equation you are making navigation through already treacherous conditions even worse.

By using these simple tips, and with a bit of common sense, whilst driving in flooded conditions you can avoid getting yourself in a whole lot of trouble. When in doubt, stay off flooded roads and you will be one step closer to keeping yourself safe and dry.