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Road Safety And Footwear

Improving your safety on the road can be as easy as wearing the right shoes!

At AutoZone we believe safety is the most essential aspect when it comes to driving. Being safe on the road not only includes the running condition of your vehicle, but the driver’s ability to safely operate the vehicle. Comfort and the ability to react when faced with a situation while driving are essentials when looking at road safety.

Your reaction time includes many factors and an important aspect is your footwear choice when taking to the road. Your footwear can severely hamper your ability to react in a road situation.

There is a wide variety of footwear on the market and many women choose to wear what suites their outfit best instead of what is most comfortable and safe when operating a vehicle.

With regards to female drivers, it is highly recommend to steer away from wearing high heels while driving as they pose multiple risks. High heels or platforms raise the heel and distort the ability to measure the extent of pressure that needs to be applied. They run the risk of getting stuck under the mat and reduce grip on the pedals. Removing heels or choosing flat pumps when driving will ensure safety when driving.

During a survey it was revealed that the footwear choice, flip-flops, were found to be the most dangerous shoe to wear while driving. This popular option poses many risks such as: slipping off, getting jammed on the carpet, pedals getting stuck between your sole and the shoe, difficulty in applying pressure to or releasing pedals.

Driving barefoot is a preferred choice for many drivers, although being the safest when compared to high heels and flip-flops it is always safer to wear protective footwear. Choosing to go barefoot has many risks that need to be considered: reduced grip and perspiration may cause your feet to slip. Applying pressure over time will result in cramps and pain in the ball of your feet.

Other risky footwear options are boots, ankle and knee-length; they may be restrictive with ankle movement.

Trainers and sneakers are nearly perfect choices with the exception of some having thick soles.

Having discussed the risks of the different footwear options, what are some of the recommended safety precautions? Make sure your footwear is comfortable and the soles are not too thick and the shoe is not too wide.

AutoZone is proud to support responsible and safe driving practices.