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Safety Rules

Some South African Road Safety Rules

Rules of the Road and Licensing

Being safer behind the wheel means knowing the rules of the road. You also need to make sure you’re properly licensed as well as your car.

From 01 March 1998, all licence holders were obliged to convert their Identity Document licences to the Credit Card Format (CCF) licence. In the case of private motorists, the conversion period was 5 years with a penalty fee for late conversion. It is not (currently) possible to apply for the CCF licence from abroad, as the issuing of a CCF licence is dependent on an eye test and biometric verification.

However, if a South African driving licence holder can supply proof (passport) that he/she was abroad during the conversion period, the increased penalty fee will not be levied. Please note application must be made within six (6) months of date of return. The licence contained in an identity document may only be converted and may not be used to drive with during this six (6) month period.

It might prove difficult to rent a vehicle when abroad and if successful, the insurance premiums may be high. This is due to the fact that South African (CCF) drivers’ licences only indicate the date of issue of the specific licence, but not when the holder first qualified as a driver.

It is therefore advisable to apply for a printout and Confirmation Letter of one’s drivers licence from the Road Traffic Management Corporation prior to travelling or whilst abroad if you are planning to hire a vehicle. Some countries may not accept South African drivers’ licences as valid licences and it may be prudent to apply for an international drivers licence from the Automobile Association before departure from South Africa.

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