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Travel Safety Tips

Stay safe on the roads this Easter!

  1. Maintain your vehicle – ensure that your car goes for a service before leaving for holiday and check the essentials. These include brakes, tyre pressure, oil and water as well as checking that all your lights and indicators are in working order.
  2. Be aware of weather – rain, wind and mist are all elements that make driving long distances tedious. Slow down and be more alert in these conditions – the roads are often slippery.
  3. Don’t drive tired – being alert is paramount to road safety. When you feel tired, you can lose vision and your reaction time decreases. Ensure you take a break at least every 2 hours to give your eyes a rest and your legs a stretch. Stay alert by staying hydrated and avoiding distractions, which includes loud music too.
  4. Be prepared for an emergency – always check that you have a fully stocked first aid kit in the event of an emergency. It is also wise to check that your spare tyre is not flat, that you have a road triangle and a 5 litre bottle of water – just in case!
  5. Pack wisely – never overload your vehicle, the weight distribution can change the braking and handling dynamics of your car. Always ensure you can see out of all mirrors and that luggage is not obstructing this view.