Rewards Card

Rewards Card

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Become an AutoZone Rewards Card member and get CASH BACK!

With every and any purchase you make using your AutoZone Rewards card, you receive 1% of every rand spent, which can be redeemed on your next purchase at any participating AutoZone store nationwide.

Sign up in 3 easy steps.

  1. To go to the sign up page
  2. Sign up and choose your preferred method to receive your AutoZone Rewards card!
    Get your card sent directly to your door or collect from your nearest AutoZone store.
  3. Start swiping to save.

Loyalty Card

How to use your card

Use your card every time you shop at any participating AutoZone store and earn CASH BACK! You'll receive 1% of every Rand spent everytime you purchase anything from AutoZone.

Loyalty Cart

Redeem your cash back

Please take note: online purchases are not yet eligible for cashback, nor can you’re AutoZone rewards be redeemed online. The AutoZone team is working on this capability for future implementation.