Shell Rimula R4 X HD 15W40

Diesel Engine Oil 5 Litre
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·          We know you and your engine face many tough conditions on the road. So we strive to make your journeys easier. That’s why Shell scientists have developed Shell Rimula
R4 X. It’s the new and improved engine oil that’s replacing
your trusted Shell Rimula R3 X
·         Shell Rimula R4 X offers triple protection for your truck and your business. It contains a specially optimised combination of additives for a longer lasting, cleaner and
better protected engine
·          Up to 30%* better protection against engine wear
·          Shell Rimula R4 X offers high level engine wear protection in critical areas of the valve train, piston ring and cylinder liner areas, and has been demonstrated in
specification engine tests for API, ACEA and major engine
·          This is achieved through the addition of specialised anti-wear additives which are designed to form protective films over the parts of your engine where needed most
·          Up to 50%* more efficient at keeping your engine clean
·          Shell Rimula R4 X helps to prevent oil thickening and formation of harmful deposits in all areas of the engine. To do this, Shell Rimula R4 X provides a high level of engine
cleanliness through the use of optimized levels of specially
selected soot dispersant additives
·          Up to 50%* better protection against chemical corrosion
·          Combustion gasses produce harmful acids that come into contact with oil in the piston ring belt area and pass into the oil sump. These acids are controlled using
detergent additives, which neutralise acid and help to prevent
piston deposits and the corrosion of metal surfaces. Shell Rimula R4 X offers excellent control of acids to help prevent the chemical corrosion of vital engine components
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