Wynns Radiator Stop Leak

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·          Wynn’s Radiator Stop Leak is a unique blend of non-ferrous fibers and surface active agents which combine to plug hairline cracks and pinholes associated with cavitation pitting and corrosions
·          It will not cause any blockage of the radiator core or cooling matrix, nor will it harm any cooling system components
·          Radiator Stop Leak is compatible with all Ethylene Glycol and OAT coolants as well as Aluminium and rubber hose safe
·          It is recommended that Wynn’s Radiator Stop Leak is carried in recovery vehicles as an essential emergency repair item


·          Effect emergency repairs to prevent loss of coolant
·          Enables extended trips to be completed without costly repairs or time wasted
·          Will stop head gasket seepage preventing oil/water mixing
·          Simply removed by draining when maintenance needs to be carried out
·          Plugs holes up to 0.7mm
Vehicle Compatibility
Vehicle CompatibilityN/A